[Our Services are "Patient Centric" and not "Provider Centric"]
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Custom Packages for you!!!

Not able to find the sutiable healthcare package for you? We at Nikisa Healthcare can help you to find the correct plan of care so that you will be able to able to recover at your pace.

So why should you allow Nikisa Healthcare to make custom package for you if something is not available?

  • Experience Factor : We can understand patient's ailments better than the patients.

  • Approach Method : We have a team of well experienced Doctors, Nurses and Facilitators who are well versed with the plan of care method followed by Nikisa Healthcare. So they will be with you every step of the way to guide you on the best possible treatment.

  • Patient's Convenience : We want to ensure that the patient is at ease when we provide our service. So we adjust the timings so that it is convenient to the patient and us.

  • Doctor Updater : If you have a family consultant or a medical practitioner who has been treating you for a long time, we co-ordinate with them to understand and ensure you the best possible treatment possible.

Nikisa follows few policies and standards when choosing your package.

  1. Assesment and Consultation with Doctor/Specalist Consultant.

  2. Preparation of Plan of Care which includes the procedures, laboratory tests, medicines, diet and other factors.

  3. Constant monitoring during the treatment period.

  4. Post Treatment Followup.

*Nikisa Healthcare reserves the right to provide custom package to patients.
*Nikisa Healthcare reserves the right to advise the patient on the service that they choose to undergo.
*Nikisa Healthcare reserves the right to discard the package if found hazardous the patient or the company.