[Our Services are "Patient Centric" and not "Provider Centric"]
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Other Services @ Nikisa Healthcare

Nikisa Healthcare offers a wide range of services that help us to cater to patient better. This ranges from providing medical equipment to accompanying the patient to health checkups or events that the patient is interested in attending.

Homecare for Orthopedic Patients

Nikisa Healthcare understand the care and support that orthopedic patients need for recovery and assist them to get back on their feet with care and confidence. We offer orthopedic patients the following services:

  • Physiotherapy for the patient.

  • Manual therapy, exercises, mobilizations, and manipulations.

  • Port Surgery/Truma Care.

  • Regular updates to the Patient's Consultant and Family members.

Mother and Child Services

Nikisa Healthcare offers care,support,guidance and training in newborn care. We help the new parents to ensure complete and ndevoted care is given to the mother and child Nikisa Healthcare can offer :

  • General and Timed Checkups for mother and child.

  • Support for bathing, cord care, bed preperation, sanitization and breat feeding practices.

  • Routine checkup for the mother to spot warning signs of cervical cancer, breast cancer and pelvic disorder.

Laboratory Services

Every clinic under Nikisa Healthcare is equipped with a fully functioning laboratory. This helps us to give quick and efficient services to our patients. Visit one of our Clinics or call 9686189812 for more information or to book an appointment to have the sample collected at your home.

Medical Equipment for Hire

Nikisa Healthcare offers medical equipment on hire for those who need continued care at home, but cannot afford to buy the equipments from hospitals or a retailer. The equipment is delivered by our technicians and there is comprehensive training given to the patient's attendants on using the equipment. Medical Equipment on hire :

  • Diabetic Supplies, Respiratory Products, Durable Medical Equipment.

  • Walking Aids, Bathroom Safety Products.

  • Advanced equipment like Patient monitors and ultrasound monitors.