[Our Services are "Patient Centric" and not "Provider Centric"]
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Physiotherapy Offered at Nikisa Healthcare

We provide physiotherapy assessments and treatment in the comfort of your own home. This service is often utilised by patients that have difficulty attending clinic appointments or for those that are experiencing difficulty performing everyday tasks at home.

Our Physiotherapists are

Dr. Mahesh
BPT , Resident Physiotherapist, Specilized in paralysis physiotherapy

Dr. Divya Prashanth
MPT, Physiotherapist, Specilized in Diabetic Physiotherapy and Neurological Anomolies

By seeing you in your own home, your physiotherapist will be able to witness the problems that you are experiencing with everyday activities. From this our physiotherapist can advise you on walking aids and / or home adaptations to enable you to regain or retain your independence and increase your quality of life.

Physiotherapy Services, include the following:

  • Electrotherapy; short wave diathermy, ultra sonic therapy, interferential therapy, electrical stimulations, TNS, wax therapy

  • Manual therapy; exercises, mobilizations, and manipulations

  • Postural drainage/ chest physiotherapy

  • Prevention & postural correction exercises

To know more about our physiotherapy packages and treatment plans, please call 9686189812 or check with your nearest Clinics for an appointment.