[Our Services are "Patient Centric" and not "Provider Centric"]
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Our - Services

Institutional Health Checkup

After carefully analysing the existing practices, NIKISA has come up with the "Institutional Health Checkup ".

School Health Checkup

We will support the institution in helping their students achieve better standards in all possible fields.

Multispeciality Consultation

Consultation with doctors with needed specilization and cure.


Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy for Pain Relief and Pain Management.


Nursing Services

Nursing Services for the needy. Our nurses are qualified to treat and tend to patients effiently.

Laboratory Services

Our clinics are equipped with full fledged laboratory to help in faster delivery of reports.

Home Aid Workers

For those who need a caretaker qualified in healthcare, but not a nurse.

Other Services

Anything else that has not been convered on top.