[Our Services are "Patient Centric" and not "Provider Centric"]
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What can Nikisa Offer?

NIKISA Healthcare Services offers in-clinic and at-home services. We strongly aspire to perfect and positively influence the concept of quality of care in health sector.

We provide:

  1. Clinic Based Health Care services

  2. Home Health Care Services

  3. Mother and Child care

  4. Orthopedic Care

  5. Care for Dementia, Paralysis and Parkinsonism

  6. School Health Services

  7. NIKISA Medical Equipment Hire

  8. Referral services

  9. Second opinion facilitation

  10. Treatment of minor ailments, respiratory conditions like bronchial asthma, gastro enteritis and more

  11. Injuries, wound care and repeat dressing

  12. Care of the pregnant woman, new mother and newborn

  13. Physiotherapy & Speech therapy

  14. “Well Woman” and “Well Man” services

  15. “Well Baby” services including immunization

  16. First aid

  17. Renowned Specialists Services