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Geriatric Care

In India, the elderly people suffer from dual medical problems, i.e., both communicable as well as non-communicable diseases. This is further compounded by impairment of special sensory functions like vision and hearing. A decline in immunity as well as age-related physiologic changes leads to an increased burden of communicable diseases in the elderly.
Nikisa Healthcare understand this growing concern and have been providing Geriatric Care or Care for the Aged as one of our pivotal services. Old people need care both physically and mentally. They need someone who can be with them when their kin are not able to devote complete attention to them. We, at Nikisa Healthcare are comitted for that cause.

We have a trained group of nurses and home aid workers who constantly strive to provide the best possible care to our patients. To explain what we provide :

  • Offering physical, social and emotional support.

  • Assist in activities of daily living.

  • Help in grooming, feeding and ambulation.

  • Monitoring the patient around the clock for continued care.

Visit one of our Clinics or call 9686189812 for more information on Geriatric Care. We will provide you with the best service possible.