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Institutional Health Checkup

The corporate world is a busy and hectic place for an employee and the employer. Healthy employees are an asset to the organization. In production oriented industries and in some companies the employees are subjected to an annual health check up. Usually the employees visit a establishment recognized by the organization and under go health check up. In some other institutions employees are asked to undergo health check up in a healthcare establishment of their choice and submit the report. Cost of health Checkup is reimbursed. The check up is often limited to certain laboratory tests, cardiac evaluation. Sometimes "Master Health Check Up" Package costing Rs 4500 to Rs 5000 is provided to the employee. In a few institutions annual health checkup is not insisted. The other pertinent issue is that the employee has to visit the health care establishment for the checkup. In the result one working day of each employee will be lost to the organization.

After carefully analysing the existing practices NIKISA has introduced "Institutional Health check up".

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